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width in outline

From: Gabor Greif
Subject: width in outline
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 07:50:43 +0400 (MSD)

Hello all,

I have some problems with outlines:

I copied a @SolidArrow somewhat, and modified
it to look like an UML-like inheritance arrow.

Inside of the outline I used the named argument
width to do positioning.

lout compiled it, but somehow a string "0.3f" ended
up in the .ps file which made distiller to cough.

When I use the hard-coded 0.3f instead of width
there is no problem. What is the reason for this behaviour?

Some lines later
width @Width
0.3f @Width

seem to act identically.

Also, when using lout 3.26 I always get a 0.15f
offset towards -90d from the end of a @Link path
(tolabel) irrespective of the labelwidth/height settings.
When I make labelwidth {1f}, I would have expected
a 0.5f offset.

Any answers appreciated.



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