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Re: margins for figure captions

From: Joe Beach
Subject: Re: margins for figure captions
Date: 20 Mar 2003 10:43:17 -0700


For regular documents, the figures and their captions are formatted
according to the following lines in the doc file: 

@FigureLocation { PageTop       } # default figure location
@FigureFormat   { @CC @Body     } # default figure format
@FigureWord             { figure        } # "Figure" word else anything
@FigureNumbers  { Arabic        } # method of numbering figures
@FigureCaptionPos       { Below                 } # Above or Below
@FigureCaptionFont  { -2p                   } # figure caption font
@FigureCaptionBreak { adjust hyphen 1.2fx   } # figure caption break
@FigureCaptionFormat{ address@hidden word @NumSep number. &2s }} @Insert 
caption }

The lines for other setup files (report, etc.) are similar. I think that
the last option in this list, @FigureCaptionFormat, is the one you want
to change. I think you can wrap everything after @FigureCaptionFormat in
something to set the margins. Perhaps @RawDisplay? That will put extra
left and right margins (I think you can adjust them with options to
@RawDisplay) but it leaves off the top and bottom gaps that the normal
@Display variants include. 

Joe Beach

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 21:53, Ben Saylor wrote:
> Is there a way to set the left and right margins of figure captions?  I 
> have some captions that span several lines and would like to make them 
> narrower than the rest of the text to distinguish them more clearly.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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