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Re: current thoughts on PDF back end

From: Reimer Behrends
Subject: Re: current thoughts on PDF back end
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 08:38:52 -0400
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On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 03:28:16AM -0400, Mikko Huhtala wrote:
> I have had a very minor problem with Ghostscript's ps2pdf when making
> PDF slides to be shown with Acrobat Reader. I used
> @PageEnclose { @Box paint { colour } @Body }
> to get background colours other than white. PDFs generated with Lout
> show this right, but ps2pdf leaves a narrow white margin (probably only
> one or two pixels) on the right and at the bottom.

This is actually ps2pdf rendering everything correctly. What you're
seeing is the white outline of the box on a black background, just as
a normal (black-on-white box) will have a black outline. Try

  @PageEnclose { black @Color @Box paint { black } white @Color @Body }

to get the desired result.

                        Reimer Behrends

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