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Re: Designing labels

From: Dani Pardo
Subject: Re: Designing labels
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 16:33:48 +0000 (WET)

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Valeriy E. Ushakov wrote:

> > And if I use line 16, the last two labels get too wide
> > 6p @Font @LeftDisplay address@hidden @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe
> > @Etiqe @Etiqe}
> Are you sure you want left display here?  Also note that
>     6p @Font @LeftDisplay
> Anyway, the @Etiqe...  sequence you wrote is a paragraph with each
> @Etiqe being a single "word" and this paragraph is justified like any
> other (this causes width deviation for the last two etiquettes, as the
> last line of paragraph is not @PAdjust'ed).
> Try this instead:
>     @LeftDisplay 6p @Font {
>       @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
>     @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
>     @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
>     @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
>     }

 Hmm.. this gives great results when I have 3 etiquettes on the last row,
but if I have 2, the last one goes to the right, and is a bit wider than
others. I don't understand very much the logic on identing to the Right,
and then all the block to the Left.. 
  I also thought on using the @Etiqe (word?) object as an element for a
cell of a bigger table, a table of 3*15=15 cells (labels). Maybe that
should distribute the labels better alligned..

> > 2) Can I insert text at coordinates (x,y) relative to the starting
> > of each label?  I need something like @Place, but relative to my
> > table coordinates.
> A combination of @Overstrike and @HShift and @VShift should do.

 I've tried it, and yes, it seems to work, but I only cannot use @HSfit
and @VShift in the definition of the object..

Dani Pardo, address@hidden
Enplater S.A

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