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Re: Designing labels

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Designing labels
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 05:10:35 +0300
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On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 17:07:30 +0000, Dani Pardo wrote:

> def @Etiqe {
>  {6.7c} @Wide @LeftDisplay @Box @Tbl

Don't use @LeftDisplay in a definition like this unless you're sure
you know what you're doing (which you, probably, don't in this case).
Display symbols are, primarily, for end-user consuption.

> I've specified that I want 6.7cm labels).  So I need a way to
> specify that all labels to be the same width/height.

@Box has a contraction effect, so using it inside @Wide effectively
undoes the @Wide, so you'd better write the above as

    @Box 6.7c @Wide @Tbl # ...

with a precaution that @Box will add small margins and you may want to
adjust for that.

> 1) If I substitute line 16 for line 17, the label gets narrower.
> And if I use line 16, the last two labels get too wide

> 6p @Font @LeftDisplay address@hidden @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe
> @Etiqe @Etiqe}

Are you sure you want left display here?  Also note that

    6p @Font @LeftDisplay

does't do what you might expect it to, as @LeftDisplay is a macro that
adds a vertical gap before and after the display, so your @Font
applies to an imlicit empty object and has no effect on the

Anyway, the @Etiqe...  sequence you wrote is a paragraph with each
@Etiqe being a single "word" and this paragraph is justified like any
other (this causes width deviation for the last two etiquettes, as the
last line of paragraph is not @PAdjust'ed).

Try this instead:

    @LeftDisplay 6p @Font {
        @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
    @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
    @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe
    @DP @Etiqe @Right @Etiqe

>         A{30/10/00}

You really want to quote "30/10/00" as / is a concatenation operator.

> 2) Can I insert text at coordinates (x,y) relative to the starting
> of each label?  I need something like @Place, but relative to my
> table coordinates.

A combination of @Overstrike and @HShift and @VShift should do.

Hope this helps.

SY, Uwe
address@hidden                         |       Zu Grunde kommen
http://www.ptc.spbu.ru/~uwe/            |       Ist zu Grunde gehen

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