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Designing labels

From: Dani Pardo
Subject: Designing labels
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 17:07:30 +0000 (WET)

 Hi all,
 I'm trying to get rid of Crystal Reports, and I've thought I could use
Lout to design some labels, that should get printed in A4, where there are
3x5=15 labels per page. 
 This is an ouput that quite looks like what I want to do:

@Include {mydoc}        # To define A4's margins etc..
@SysInclude {tbl}
@SysInclude {diag}

def @Etiqe {
 {6.7c} @Wide @LeftDisplay @Box @Tbl
        aformat { @StartHSpan @Cell  A | @HSpan | @HSpan}
        bformat { @Cell A | @StartHSpan @Cell B | @HSpan}
        cformat { @Cell A | @Cell B | @Cell C}

        A{Enplater s.a}
        rule {yes}
        A{This is where the component description goes}
        # A{Goes here :)}
        rule {yes}
        A{ROCA ROSA}
        rule {yes}
        B{240x610 + 40s}
        rule {yes}
        rule {yes}
        A{mecanismos para inodoros}


@Doc @Text @Begin
6p @Font @LeftDisplay address@hidden @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe  @Etiqe @Etiqe @Etiqe
@End @Text

  I have two problems:

 1) If I substitute line 16 for line 17, the label gets narrower. And If I
use line 16, the last two labels get too wide (Even that I've specified
that I want 6.7cm labels). So I need a way to specify that all labels to
be the same width/height.

 2) Can I insert text at coordinates (x,y) relative to the starting of
each label? I need something like @Place, but relative to my table

  Any hint? Am I following the right direction?

  Thanks in advance,

Dani Pardo, address@hidden
Enplater S.A

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