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How do you use Lout?

From: Henrik Martensson
Subject: How do you use Lout?
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 11:11:54 +0200

Hi everyone,

I have been using Lout for some time now, and have grown a bit curious about
how everyone else uses Lout, and for what purposes.

Personally, I am mostly using Lout as a formatter for XML documents. I write
XML to Lout filters in Perl, using XML::DOM. The documents I format are
usually in one of two categories: technical manuals (in my job) or fanzine
articles (hobby).

I rarely write Lout code by hand, but I did find the diagram package
immensely useful recently, when working on a technical manual. It was
actually easier to code the most messy diagrams in Lout than to draw them in
a drawing program.

I have two main reasons for using Lout:

* It's easy to set up and get going with, at least when working with
  ready made, or lightly customised setup files. This is important,
  because I usually have my nose buried too deeply into various XML
  recommendations and API documents to wish to take on the added
  burden of learning low level formatting commands.

* It's free, which means I can release hobby projects in the public
  domain and have some hope of other people finding the stuff useful.

Anyone else interested in discussing various uses of Lout?


Henrik Martensson
Technical Documentation Services
URL: http://www.gnosisgruppen.com/

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