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RE: Layout Problem

From: mzukowski
Subject: RE: Layout Problem
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:31:47 -0700

> Are there any realy simple layouts available for download where I can
> learning from?

This isn't a layout, but rather a template I've been using to test some
generated lout code.  It seems to be the minimal code you need to create a
real page in Lout and have the nice definitions of BasicSetup.  I'm using it
to help me generate a calendar.  It's really great to create expiriments and
see what they look like with the smallest amount of code.  Good for posting
questions too...

@SysInclude { fontdefs  } # font definitions
@SysInclude { langdefs  } # language definitions
@SysInclude { tbl       } # Table definitions (only needed if you're doing
@SysInclude { bsf       } # BasicSetup package
@Use { @BasicSetup } # many options could be set here, see lout/include/bsf

{Times Base 8p} @Font
{lines 1.2fx nohyphen} @Break 
{0.0 0.0 0.0 setrgbcolor} @SetColor

8i @High 11i @Wide 
English @Language
        #lout objects here

For instance I have a day object, which I tested by putting inside the
template above.  I use noweb, a literate programming tool, so everything in
<<>> will be replaced by some value, but the details are unimportant here.
The following creates a day with an object consisting of <<number>> in the
upper left, <<moon>> 20 points below (mark to mark), then creates a gap of
0.1f to the right where <<upperNote>> is right justified (bounded by that
gap), and then bottom justifies <<caption>>.  The @OneRow around <<caption>>
is needed so that all of the lines of caption are coalesced into one object
with one row mark before bottom justification.  Without @OneRow only the
first line's row mark was used and the rest of the lines would flow off the
bottom of the object (even though that would seem to voilate the @High).  

black @Color
        <<height>> @High <<width>> @Wide {
                {lines 1.2fx nohyphen} @Break { <<number>>
                        //20px  <<moon>>
                {8p} @Font
                        { rlines 1.2fx nohyphen } @Break { <<upperNote>>
                        {8p} @Font {
                                { ragged 1.2fx nohyphen } @Break @OneRow {

Hope this is some help,


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