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newbee questions

From: Pascal Weidema
Subject: newbee questions
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:44:10 +0200


In the past I was using LaTeX and heard about Lout.
This week I downloaded version 3.13 for win32 from Uwe's site, printed some
manuals and got started.
Now I see that I'm under pressure with my work and don't have so much time
to RTFM/RTFS and I also don't want to re-invent wheels.
I include some PDF files which will show the way we use Word 97 templates at
HKV Consultants...
I want to make 'identical' ones in Lout.
I suppose that people out there are making letters/fax/reports with Lout, so
I was looking for examples, but till now I was unsuccesful in 'reproducing'
Lots of collegues are complaining about MS-word 97 so I want to convince
them that there are other ways to produce high quality documents :-)
I also have an other question. Is it possible to implement other image
formats then .ps or .eps into Lout documents?


Pascal Weidema

MSc. Pascal Weidema (mailto:address@hidden)
Advisor Information Technology Watermanagement
HKV Consultants (http://www.hkv.nl)
tel: (31) 0320-294242 fax: (31) 0320-253901

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