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Layout Problem

From: Matthias Teege
Subject: Layout Problem
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 14:50:38 +0200


with the help of RAGTIME I have created a layout for a FLYER on my MAC. 
The procedure of creating of flyers I would like to automate and 
therefore I want to set a layout in LOUT.

Unfortunatly my experiences with LOUT are limited and I`ve got some
problems with dividing the page.  I put the layout-example on my FTP
server, please take a look at the layout and let me know if there is a
way to create this page with LOUT.  maybe somebody is able to tell me,
how it is possible to cut off the left column from the right column
and to create a header over 2 columns.

The files are under:
ftp.emugs.de/incoming/Flyer-small.ps.gz (without pictures)
ftp.emugs.de/incoming/Flyer.ps.gz (with pictures).

Thank you !

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