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Re: Page Headers on Blank Pages?

From: Albert Kinderman
Subject: Re: Page Headers on Blank Pages?
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 16:13:20 -0800

Uwe is correct as usual!  I had several subappendices that I wanted to start
on new pages.  I had used the following erroneous construct

@Appendix @Title address@hidden
@SubAppendix @Title {...} @Begin
@End @SubAppendix


@SubAppendix @Title {...} @Begin
@End @SubAppendix
@End @Appendix

The @NP cannot be placed between the subappendices, but must be within one of
the subappendices.  The misplaced @NP is effectively moved to the point after
the last subappendix and generates a new otherwise empty page which gets the
unwanted page header and number.

I should have known better from my previous experience with trying to get list
items to each start on a new page.  In that case neither placement works, but
Jeff has a new @ListNewPage coming in 3.13 which will handle the problem.

Thanks, Uwe, for pointing me in the right direction.

"Valeriy E. Ushakov" wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 10:30:18AM -0800, Albert Kinderman wrote:
> > I have a small book with a preface, table of contents, three chapters,
> > an appendix, and an index.  All sections are to start on an odd numbered
> > page.  One of the chapters ends on an odd numbered page and a blank
> > unnumbered page is inserted before the next section.  I believe this is
> > the correct behavior.  However, the appendix ends on an odd numbered
> > page, and the following page, before the index, is an otherwise blank
> > page with the number and running header (58 Appendix A.  Probablility
> > Tables) at the top left (where I put the running chapter headings).  I
> > would expect this page to be blank as well.
> I can't reproduce it with 3.12.  Can you construct a minimal test
> document that makes this bug manifest?
> Are you sure you don't have an invisible object(s) that flow into the
> even page before the index?
> SY, Uwe
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Albert Kinderman               California State University, Northridge
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