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Including Hungarian as a language

From: Tamas Papp
Subject: Including Hungarian as a language
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 20:14:33 -0700 (MST)


I just found this amazing thing called lout this Wednesday, I read the
user's manual and started experimenting with it. I found out that it is
like LaTeX (my favourite typesetting system so far) only that it is
better, more consistent, programmer-friendly etc. Simply amazing. I
decided that I will have to learn it and use it ASAP (this weekend will be
devoted to that :).

My first language is Hungarian, and I'd like to write Hungarian texts
sometime. Could we add that as a language? I'm willing to translate and
add the necessary line to standard.ld, and there is a TeX hyph file I
could convert, and then we could add Hungarian (alias Magyar) as a
language in langdefs, and that would be it. Or is there anything else? The
latin2 map file is already done.

Is that anything else I have to do? If not, I could start this week.


#   "Users?" cried the Consultant in disbelief. "Users?! You mean
#   secretaries, accountants, architects. Manual laborers!"

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