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Page Headers on Blank Pages?

From: Albert Kinderman
Subject: Page Headers on Blank Pages?
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:30:18 -0800

I have a small book with a preface, table of contents, three chapters,
an appendix, and an index.  All sections are to start on an odd numbered
page.  One of the chapters ends on an odd numbered page and a blank
unnumbered page is inserted before the next section.  I believe this is
the correct behavior.  However, the appendix ends on an odd numbered
page, and the following page, before the index, is an otherwise blank
page with the number and running header (58 Appendix A.  Probablility
Tables) at the top left (where I put the running chapter headings).  I
would expect this page to be blank as well.  

Of course I can just put a clean piece of paper in the place of the
printed one, so there is no harm done, but it seems like a small bug to
me.  I know, it is be someone else's feature.  8=)

Albert Kinderman                      Department of Management Science
California State University, Northridge      address@hidden

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