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Re: Including Hungarian as a language

From: Tamas Papp
Subject: Re: Including Hungarian as a language
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 08:38:08 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Valeriy E. Ushakov wrote:

> > My first language is Hungarian, and I'd like to write Hungarian texts
> > sometime. Could we add that as a language? I'm willing to translate and
> > add the necessary line to standard.ld, and there is a TeX hyph file I
> > could convert, and then we could add Hungarian (alias Magyar) as a
> > language in langdefs, and that would be it. Or is there anything else? The
> > latin2 map file is already done.
> Yes, that's it.

Another slight problem. I looked at the standard.ld file, and saw what I
had to translate. I found "page" and "chapter", which are translated to
"oldal" and "fejezet" in Hungarian. The problem is, that we put the number
before these words, with a dot after it:

Chapter 5 -> 5. fejezet (some books even use roman numerals here, like
V. fejezet, I'll have to look up what the most common way is)

page 24 -> 24. oldal

Can lout handle these? If yes, how do I indicate that these are to be
treated this way?


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