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problem with DOS version of Lout?

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: problem with DOS version of Lout?
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 15:37:30 +1000

I received this email some time ago but have only just got 
around to looking into it (I'm horribly busy as usual, but
right now I'm working up the next release).  Anyone have
any ideas about it?
>From address@hidden Tue Jan  6 17:41:28 1998
Subject: Lout3.11 under DOS

Hi.  I've been using this version of Lout compiled using v 2 DJGPP
(OSDOS=1, USESTAT=0).  I find my databases for bibliographies/reference
lists need to be converted to Unix end-of-line from DOS to make the
indexes usable ("index file seems to be out of date"), though the indexes
used elsewhere in the program seem to be OK. Is there a simple solution to
David Duffy.
| David Duffy.                                                    ,-_|\
| email: address@hidden  ph: INT+61+7+3362 0217 fax: +0101   /     *
| Epidemiology Unit, Queensland Institute of Medical Research    \_,-._/
| 300 Herston Rd, Brisbane, Queensland 4029, Australia                v 

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