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What does this error message mean please?

From: Mark Burton
Subject: What does this error message mean please?
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 15:02:27 +0100

Hello All,

I am having a problem running Lout 3.11 on a document that uses the
dbook setup file. The Lout source is generated from SGML source
(DocBook 3 DTD) and for some months I have been happily producing nice
output with no problems. But since making some changes to the SGML
source I now get the following error messages and the output is

ignoring the many messages regarding unresolved cross references

um.lt:3296:1: no @ChapterList precedes this @ChapterList&&preceding
um.lt:9758:1: no @AppendixList precedes this @AppendixList&&preceding
um.lt:161:6: no @IndexList follows this @IndexList&&following
um.lt:161:101: no @IndexList follows this @IndexList&&following
um.lt:371:6: no @IndexList follows this @IndexList&&following
um.lt:371:100: no @IndexList follows this @IndexList&&following
um.lt:371:162: no @IndexList follows this @IndexList&&following
: and more undefined @IndexList&&following

Line 3296 contains a @Chapter but it isn't the first or last chapter
in the document.

I guess I am generating some bad Lout somewhere or perhaps exceeded
some limit (although the document isn't very large) but so far cannot
determine what's gone wrong. I have tried removing all the Lout work
files but it doesn't make any difference.

Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem (and the meaning of the
error message) would be gratefully received.



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