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From: Dominikus Herzberg
Subject: References
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:28:40 +0200

Hi Lout'ers,

I have not completely understood the definition mechanism of Lout, yet,
maybe this forum can help me solving the following problem.

The problem:

I need a somewhat different style of referencing books, articles, etc
in a paper I have to write. As far as I can see I can't use the existing
@Cite or @Ref symbol, new symbols have to be defined. What I need is:

Example1:  As shown, @Writer{$OMT, S.~10} used this concept ...
Result1 :  As shown, RUMBAUGH et al. (1991a, S. 10) used this concept ...

Example2:  OMT is an OO methodology (@Source{$OMT}).
Result2 :  OMT is an OO methodology (RUMBAUGH et al. 1991a).

You see, the tricky part are the parentheses (): Sometimes I need them
for the year (including page references), sometimes not.

The corresponding entry in the reference database file looks like this:

{ @Reference
    @Tag { OMT }
    @Label { @S Rumbaugh et~al. }         # Condensed form of @Author
    @Annote { 1991a }                     # This optional letter is needed to
                                          # differ several publications of an
                                          # author in a year.
    @Author { Rumbaugh, J.; Blaha, M., ... }
    @Title { Object-Oriented Modeling and Design }
    @Type { Book }
    @Year { 1991 }

Do you have an idea how to define a @Writer and @Source symbol?

Best regards


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