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Re: [lmi] Problems with the Cygwin tests (was: ... build)

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: Re: [lmi] Problems with the Cygwin tests (was: ... build)
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 17:05:19 +0200

On Tue, 7 May 2019 12:00:49 +0000 Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:

GC> I'll let you know when I've finished all of that, and I
GC> hope that at that time you'll be able to retest everything in
GC> 'INSTALL', along with
GC>   ./nychthemeral_test
GC>   ./gui_test
GC> in cygwin so we'll know cygwin is fully supported.

 Here are the testing results:

 For the gui_test:
1. LMI_COMPILER=gcc LMI_TRIPLET=i686-w64-mingw32 need to be explicitly set
   in the environment. I don't know if this is expected, i.e. I thought the
   script would autodetect their values, but I could well have been wrong.

2. There are extra quotes around "$PERFORM" on the line invoking wx_test.
   When the value of the variable is empty, this results in trying to

        "" /opt/lmi/bin/wx_test ...
   which is an error. Simply removing the quotes suffices to fix this.
 With these caveats, the GUI test passes:

        time=51305ms (for all tests)
        SUCCESS: 21 tests successfully completed.
        NOTE: 4 tests were skipped

 For the nychthemeral test:

3. We still need to set LMI_{COMPILER,TRIPLET} manually.

4. We also need to export PKG_CONFIG=/usr/bin/pkg-config to work around the
   same problem with liblzma as in install_msw.sh. This should become
   unnecessary soon, but I mention it for completeness if you want to test
   this right now.

5. The directory /opt/lmi/mingw/bin had to be added to the PATH for

6. "system_test" doesn't work, but this is expected.

 Beyond that, there are some errors in the log, but I don't know if they're
expected or not: as I had already complained about the unit_tests target,
there is too much output and no summary at the end allowing to see at a
glance whether the execution was successful or not. Some suspicious
extracts from nychthemeral_test log:

        # unit tests

        ???? returning with error code 200
        ???? errors detected; see stdout for details
        ???? returning with error code 200
        ???? errors detected; see stdout for details
        ???? returning with error code 200
        ???? errors detected; see stdout for details
        Binary file (standard input) is the same # note: may be inexact
        64 tests succeeded

(note is explained by the fact that this was translated back to English
from the original message "Двоичный файл (стандартный ввод) совпадает").

 Another one:

        # test all valid emission types

        Unable to parse xml file '/tmp/lmi/tmp/sample.ill': File does not exist.
        [xml_lmi.cpp : 69]

        Unable to parse xml file '/tmp/lmi/tmp/sample.cns': File does not exist.
        [xml_lmi.cpp : 69]

This is confusing because the file does exist. However running the command
from the test manually:

        /opt/lmi/bin/lmi_cli_shared --file=/tmp/lmi/tmp/sample.ill --accept 
--ash_nazg --data_path=/opt/lmi/data 

results in the same error message while copying the file to /opt/lmi/data
and using --file=sample.ill works fine, so something seems to be fishy
here, but I haven't had yet time to investigate.

 Next one:

        # schema tests

        --- sample.cns  2019-05-07 06:07:05.952257800 +0700
        +++ sorted.cns  2019-05-07 19:36:31.232571900 +0700
        ...1200+ lines of diff...

The new file (sorted.cns) uses DOS EOLs, so diff believes that all the
lines are different. The same happens to the other files being compared.
Again, I don't know if this is definitely a problem, but it doesn't seem
right to report such line-endings-only changes to me.

 Please let me know what, if anything, here would be worth looking into
and/or fixing.

 Thanks in advance,

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