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Re: Moderating input

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Moderating input
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 19:52:39 -0500

Karl Berry wrote (on Sat, 11 Dec 2010 at 23:55 GMT):

>     Does the former just run spamassassin, and only ever reject things?
> Yes.  (Well, discard, actually.  Reject is bad.)

OK (I misspoke by saying "reject").

>     So it would likely not be very useful in this case, since we already
>     have a tuned spamassassin in place.
> It does have the advantage that then mail to debbugs-submit will show up
> in our "unified" mailbox and we can easily delete
> spam-that-passed-spamassassin, etc.  

Gotcha; also Bob's point about "cross-assassin".

> However, our current process for doing that wouldn't be effective for
> debbugs-submit, since the little scripts I wrote for it run on

Oh. says:

"Actually, the listhelper system is not tied to in any way.
A few people are using it for handling non-GNU mailman lists as well."

so I thought it would be no trouble from a technical point of view.

> Hmm.  Up till now, I've just been logging in occasionally by hand to the
> debbugs-submit.  If we want to see it through our usual methods, we'll
> have to run those little scripts on the debbugs machine too, it seems to
> me.

Hmm also. I have admin access to the machine and would be happy to
install said scripts for you, or to give you access to do it yourself.
If it's not easy to adapt the scripts, I guess we can forget about it.

> In this case, it won't do any good to add it in either place.  Since
> it's on a different host, we'd have to handle it differently anyway.

So I'm now confused and don't know how to proceed...

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