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Re: Moderating input

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Moderating input
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:01:47 -0500

In trying to figure out exactly what address to add to the moderator
field, I have become confused.

mentions "listhelper at" and "listhelper-moderate at".

Does the former just run spamassassin, and only ever reject things?
So it would likely not be very useful in this case, since we already
have a tuned spamassassin in place.

Looking how other lists I can access are configured, bug-gnu-emacs has
moderator "listhelper at", but the more recently created
help-debbugs has "listhelper at".

But this makes me wonder how messages would get accepted at all on
help-debbugs, if I hadn't added my own address as another moderator,
which I was happy to do, but I seem to remember it wasn't required?

Maybe it works because listhelper-moderate at is the list
admin in both case, and the admin address also get moderation emails?

If so, I guess the answer is that I should add "listhelper-moderate"
as a moderator... Or do you prefer it to be added as an admin?

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