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Re: Moderating input

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Moderating input
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 23:55:10 GMT

Hi Glenn,

    mentions "listhelper at" and "listhelper-moderate at".
    Does the former just run spamassassin, and only ever reject things?

Yes.  (Well, discard, actually.  Reject is bad.)

    So it would likely not be very useful in this case, since we already
    have a tuned spamassassin in place.

It does have the advantage that then mail to debbugs-submit will show up
in our "unified" mailbox and we can easily delete
spam-that-passed-spamassassin, etc.  

    moderator "listhelper at", but the more recently created
    help-debbugs has "listhelper at".

There's no difference at all between listhelper{,-moderate} and  I usually use when I add it to GNU lists, but
don't even try to be perfectly consistent about it, since it makes no

I guess I should mention this on the listhelper web page.

    But this makes me wonder how messages would get accepted at all on
    help-debbugs, if I hadn't added my own address as another moderator,
    which I was happy to do, but I seem to remember it wasn't required?

Lists on which have listhelper-moderate as an owner or moderator
end up being monitored by us for pending "real" mail.

However, our current process for doing that wouldn't be effective for
debbugs-submit, since the little scripts I wrote for it run on  

Hmm.  Up till now, I've just been logging in occasionally by hand to the
debbugs-submit.  If we want to see it through our usual methods, we'll
have to run those little scripts on the debbugs machine too, it seems to
me.  It basically just checks if there are any pending messages every
hour (or however often) and if so, updates a web page that we look at.

Sorry I didn't really realize what would be needed when you wrote first.

    Maybe it works because listhelper-moderate at is the list
    admin in both case, and the admin address also get moderation emails?

The admin address does get moderation emails; in mailman, the *only*
difference between the admin and moderator recepients (unless I've
missed something all this time) is that the admins are listed in the
footer of the web pages and the moderators aren't.

However, we humans pay no attention to moderation emails.  We did in the
early days, but it's not scalable ...

    If so, I guess the answer is that I should add "listhelper-moderate"
    as a moderator... Or do you prefer it to be added as an admin?

In this case, it won't do any good to add it in either place.  Since
it's on a different host, we'd have to handle it differently anyway.

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