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Re: [Linphone-developers] custom ringtones on Android?

From: Liviu Andronic
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] custom ringtones on Android?
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 19:35:54 +0200

Dear Johan,

On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 11:26 AM, Johan Pascal <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Liviu,
> there is no plan to support this feature, Linphone Android just uses the
> system ringtone but a patch for this would be welcome.
Thank you for letting me know.

What about a custom ringtone for Linphone defined in Linphone
Settings? Lots of apps allow users to pick custom ringtones for that
given app, and perhaps Linphone could do the same.

Personally I would like to be able to easily differentiate between
calls coming from Linphone (a very select list of users) vs
traditional operator calls, and I suspect this too is the case for
other users out there. Also, this would make Linphone more consistent
cross-platform as on the desktop it is possible to define a custom
ringtone. (Unfortunately I won't be able to provide a patch myself.)


> regards,
> Johan
> On 06/04/15 17:34, Liviu Andronic wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm noticing that Linphone 2.3.2 on Android 2.3.4 doesn't honor custom
>> ringtone set for SIP contacts. I've selected a custom ringtone for one
>> of my SIP contacts, but each time they call Linphone will ring using
>> the default ringtone.
>> Is this a bug in Linphone on Android? If an omission, would you
>> consider supporting custom ringtones set in Android contacts?
>> Regards,
>> Liviu
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