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Re: [Linphone-developers] Enabling H264 support in Linphone for iOS

From: Future Lian
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Enabling H264 support in Linphone for iOS
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 08:53:34 +0800

just make, HAVE_X264 is default setting. But I found the performance is not good(x264, maybe the older x264).

2013/5/11 Eli Burke <address@hidden>
After you compile all of the libraries open Linphone in Xcode and select the top level Linphone project, and then select the Linphone target you are trying to compile (GPL or no GPL). Scroll down to Preprocessor macros and you will see config lines for Debug, Distribution, and Release that contain entries like "IN_LINPHONE" and "VIDEO_ENABLED". You need to add HAVE_X264 to each configuration line. The master README has a list of features that can be enabled this way.


> I'm trying to enable H264 when compiling from source for the Linphone iOS app, but so far, I've found very little success.
> I can get the project to compile successfully, make calls, and such, but the available bandwidth presses for me to use H264.
> I've read on the site that, when Linphone-iphone is compiled from source, H264 support is enabled by default, but the only codec I find on the video part of the settings for the app is VP8.
> I also read that H264 requires a commercial license and such, but this is only to test if H264 will work for my particular use case.
> Finally, I tried recompiling the app and liblinphone both with and without GPL third parties, to no difference.
> What steps should I take next? Is H264 still available when building from source?
> Thank you!
> Nico

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