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Re: Chromatic clashes

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Chromatic clashes
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 13:13:12 +0100

Am So., 14. Nov. 2021 um 18:07 Uhr schrieb Dimitris Marinakis
> First let's look at a few sources that show the expected behaviour. I have 
> attached an example from Gould pg.71 and the output from Dorico and last the 
> output from your code.

The Gould-excerpt is cut off, thus I can't view the entire text...

> I think when the stem is down the stem attachment is wrong in many cases.  
> I've attached a tiny example but I think this holds true for most scenarios. 
> Unless I'm missing something obvious in your code, which if true, I apologise.

Well, I'm not aware of any rules how the stem attachment _should_ be
for those note-heads.
While coding it I looked at's_Dance%2C_SO_54_(Ornstein%2C_Leo)
There you can see all sorts of stem attachments. Thus I didn't follow
any rule as long as the Stem was connected with the NoteHead.

That said...
I implemented a possibility to manually tweak stem's attachment, using
`details.stem-x-y' with a number-pair for additional x-y-offset, to be
applied to the relevant NoteHead as a \tweak or \override (see

you use \displaceHeads - this is not part of the coding and errors ofcourse.
Don't use Accidental.extra-offset, rather do
\override Staff.AccidentalPlacement.positioning-done = ##t
with the need to care for placing the Accidentals yourself with
\override/\tweak Accidental.X-offset ... yourself.
Both is demonstrated in the examples.

Newest code is attached.

Alas, I found a glitch with it (and the former codings):
  \distributeNoteHeads #3 #'(0 3)
  <f''! fis''>8[ <f''! fis''>]
The Beam is not adjusted - I always run into this trap, grrrr.
Not sure when I'll find the time to cure it


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