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Re: Chromatic clashes

From: Dimitris Marinakis
Subject: Re: Chromatic clashes
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 16:08:54 +0200

I included the entire excerpt from Gould. I apologise for the cut-off. I attached all the relevant excerpts I could find.

Maybe not a strict rule I guess, you are correct. I just found more examples with the stem attached that way perhaps to make room for accidentals? I will investigate a bit more if that matters. Maybe a small house-style detail. The Ornstein example is the definitive source I guess since it's one of the first mainstream uses of those stems.

I was thinking though, if the conventional stem attachment rule supersedes this house style preference maybe your version is fine or even more correct. But thank you very much for the addition of this tweak regardless. 


On Sun, Nov 21, 2021 at 2:13 PM Thomas Morley <> wrote:
Am So., 14. Nov. 2021 um 18:07 Uhr schrieb Dimitris Marinakis
> First let's look at a few sources that show the expected behaviour. I have attached an example from Gould pg.71 and the output from Dorico and last the output from your code.

The Gould-excerpt is cut off, thus I can't view the entire text...

> I think when the stem is down the stem attachment is wrong in many cases.  I've attached a tiny example but I think this holds true for most scenarios. Unless I'm missing something obvious in your code, which if true, I apologise.

Well, I'm not aware of any rules how the stem attachment _should_ be
for those note-heads.
While coding it I looked at's_Dance%2C_SO_54_(Ornstein%2C_Leo)
There you can see all sorts of stem attachments. Thus I didn't follow
any rule as long as the Stem was connected with the NoteHead.

That said...
I implemented a possibility to manually tweak stem's attachment, using
`details.stem-x-y' with a number-pair for additional x-y-offset, to be
applied to the relevant NoteHead as a \tweak or \override (see

you use \displaceHeads - this is not part of the coding and errors ofcourse.
Don't use Accidental.extra-offset, rather do
\override Staff.AccidentalPlacement.positioning-done = ##t
with the need to care for placing the Accidentals yourself with
\override/\tweak Accidental.X-offset ... yourself.
Both is demonstrated in the examples.

Newest code is attached.

Alas, I found a glitch with it (and the former codings):
  \distributeNoteHeads #3 #'(0 3)
  <f''! fis''>8[ <f''! fis''>]
The Beam is not adjusted - I always run into this trap, grrrr.
Not sure when I'll find the time to cure it


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