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\omit Staff.Barline (second installment)

From: E Appeldoorn
Subject: \omit Staff.Barline (second installment)
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 19:29:50 +0000
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In a score that has no barlines I have used
\omit Staff.BarLine
Which indeed leaves out the barlines. But the space and padding, which
the barline would normally use, remain.
\version "2.22.1"
\fixed c {
\time 4\4
\omit Staff.BarLine
a4 a a a |
b b b b }
Would give a very visible difference between the a's and the a to b
(Where the barline would be had it been visible.)
It therefore looks wobbly and horrible.
How would I be able to solve that so the score looks naturally spaced.

Aaron answered: Try \removing the Bar_engraver from the Staff context instead of \omitting the BarLine grob.
Which I did try and it does look good, but this leaves out the possibility of using a final barline \bar "|." which I do need.

Any way how to solve this?

vriendelijke groet, Erik Appeldoorn

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