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Strange Page Break Error

From: Robert Schmaus
Subject: Strange Page Break Error
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 13:37:45 +0100

Dear Ponderers,

I was just about to quickly write down a sheet of music, nothing fancy at all, when all of a sudden I got an exception. This is the full ly code (and I can’t make it any shorter for the reasons explained below):

\version "2.20.0"

\header {
  title = "Sinfonia No. 2 C-Dur"
  composer = "Joseph Haydn"
  instrument = "Kontrabass"

\new ChordNames{}

  \new Voice {

    \tempo "Allegro" 2 = 80
    \clef "bass_8"
    \key c \major

    \relative c {
      | c2 c,4 r
      | e4 r g r
      | c2 r2
      | r2 g2

      | c2 c,4 r
      | e4 r g r
      | c4 c c c
      | c c c c

      \bar "."

      | c c c c
      | g g g g
      | c, c' c c
      | c c c c

      | c c c c
      | g g g g
      | c, c e e
      | f e d g

      \bar "."

      | c, c' g e
      | c c' g e
      | c2 r2

      \mark \default
      | r2 b'\upbow

    \relative c {
      | a2 d2
      | g, c
      | f, fis
      | g2 r2



  indent = 0
  \set Score.markFormatter = #format-mark-box-letters


This compiled fine until I got to the last four bars in the file (inside the \relative block). Then this was the lilypond message:

Starting lilypond 2.20.0 [Haydn 2]...
Processing `/Users/myname/Bass/Haydn 2'
Interpreting music...
warning: no music found in score
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Interpreting music...[8][16][24]
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Finding the ideal number of pages...
Fitting music on 1 page...Assertion failed: (my_index == 0), function line_divisions_rec, file /Users/marnen/lilypond-mac-builder/source/lilypond/lily/, line 1040.
Exited with return code 6.

This message disappears if I remove the last \relative block. But it also disappears if I remove the \header block (and leave in all the music). 
The file also compiles fine if I remove the *first* \relative block. So, there appears to be nothing wrong with all individual parts of the file, just all together they refuse to cooperate.

What also mystifies me is that path in the penultimate line of the Exception message: “/Users/marnen/lilypond-mac-builder/“ … that’s certainly not on my computer.

Should I just keep on writing and hoping that the page layout will be ok again in the end? Or does anyone see what’s the problem here?

I’m using Lily 2.20 on a Mac OS 11.6 and I use Frescobaldi 3.1.3 as editor.
Thanks very much!

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