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Re: Terminology question

From: Jacques Menu
Subject: Re: Terminology question
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 19:46:08 +0100

Bonsoir Kieren!

Yes, that helps, thanks.

Let’s wait for more suggestions if any!


PS> Longing to meet you again at Salzburg or elsewhere for a nice music 
engraving conference, Covid permitting...

> Le 13 nov. 2021 à 19:30, Kieren MacMillan <> a 
> écrit :
> Bonjour Jacques!
>> What is the english name for the process of creating invidual 
>> parts/staves/voices scores from a director’s score?
> “Extraction” is the term that most engraving industry people would 
> immediately recognize… but that might be a post-computer-application term, so 
> I’d love to find out if there’s a more traditional term.
> Hope that helps!
> Kieren.
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