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Re: Repeat bar

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Repeat bar
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2021 20:25:15 +0100

Am Fr., 5. Nov. 2021 um 09:50 Uhr schrieb Mahanidhi <>:

I'm triyng to have the second line open at the end as the first. But with repeats bar at the third line the second line get a bar and if I try to overrite with \once \hide Staff.BarLine also the bar at the third line disappears. What's the correct way to do it?
Thank you.sample.png

minimal code:

melody = \relative c' {

  \key df \major

  \adjust-tempo \tempo "Slow" 4 = 56


  df ef f2 ef4 f gf2 f4 gf af2 gf4 c bf af gf2. \bar "|"\break

  f4 bf2 af4 gf2 f4 ef gf f2.\show-barline \bar ":|."df4 c8 df ef2 ef4 gf2 gf4 g2. \bar "|"\break

  \show-barline \bar "|:"ef4 bf'2 bf4 af2 af4 df2 df4 df c ef df2. \show-barline \bar ":|."\break

Iiuc, a minimal would look like:

%% start minimal
\version "2.22.1"

%% How to erase Barline at end of first, but keep the opening repeat-BarLine at begin of second line?
{ s1 \break \bar ".|:" s }

%% end minimal

If that's indeed the problem, several approaches to solve are possible.

(1) Erase the "|"-BarLine at line-end:

  \once \override Score.BarLine.break-visibility = ##(#f #t #t)
  \bar ".|:"

(2) Define and use a different bar-type, not printing the "|" in question

\defineBarLine ".|:-zero" #'("" ".|:" ".|")
{ s1 \break \bar ".|:-zero" s }

In general:
(1) Cross-posting to different sites without mentioning makes no sense, apart from lowering my motivation to answer
(2) I'd use \repeat volta ... not manual repeat-Barlines.
(3) Is there any reason not to use \cadenzaOn ?


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