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Re: Repeat bar

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Repeat bar
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2021 14:17:07 +0100
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Mahanidhi <> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm triyng to have the second line open at the end as the first. But with 
> repeats bar at the third line the
> second line get a bar and if I try to overrite with \once \hide Staff.BarLine 
> also the bar at the third
> line disappears. What's the correct way to do it?
> Thank you.
> sample.png
> minimal code:
> melody = \relative c' { 
>   \key df \major
>   \adjust-tempo \tempo "Slow" 4 = 56
>   \adjust-form
>   df ef f2 ef4 f gf2 f4 gf af2 gf4 c bf af gf2. \bar "|"\break
>   f4 bf2 af4 gf2 f4 ef gf f2.\show-barline \bar ":|."df4 c8 df ef2 ef4 gf2 
> gf4 g2. \bar "|"\break
>   \show-barline \bar "|:"ef4 bf'2 bf4 af2 af4 df2 df4 df c ef df2. 
> \show-barline \bar ":|."\break

Your "minimal code" is not compilable because of missing music function
definitions, note language declarations, incomplete syntax, and an
actual score rather than just a partial variable definition.

I wanted to point to <> for
instructions but it turns out that this web page does not actually
mention that one should try to get as close to actually compiling as
possible (namely, the example should only fail compilation if that
failure is an inherent part of your problem in the first place, like
when you are writing code that you _wish_ could compile).

David Kastrup

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