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partcombine & killCues

From: Michael Seifert
Subject: partcombine & killCues
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2020 22:37:39 -0500

        Hey there folks,

        I’m trying to prepare a score and parts for a concerto using Lilypond, 
and I can’t figure out how to make partcombine and killCues work nicely 
together.  My goal is to have individual parts for the orchestra, containing 
cues for the solo instrument;  and also to create a full score, which does not 
contain the cues.  Since this is a full orchestra piece, I need to use 
partcombine to place multiple parts on one staff in the full score.  I’ve also 
got things set up so that each part's notes are defined in a separate file, and 
then the appropriate files are included in the full score and/or the individual 

        However, I can’t seem to get killCues to work correctly in combination 
with partcombine.  It creates stray notation below the system in the full 
score, which is both unsightly and causes the systems in the full score to be 
over-compressed.   An optimal solution would also get rid of the “Bsn.” 
notation above each staff, but I think I can figure that out with tags & such 
(or live with it if I can’t.)  It’s really just the stray notation that’s a 

        Below the signature is a MWE of what I’m trying to do.  The flutes are 
the “orchestra”, and the bassoon would be the “soloist”.  Any thoughts you have 
would be great!

        Mike Seifert
        Quaker Hill, CT, USA

\version "2.18.2"

\time 4/4

bassoonnotes =
{ \clef tenor
  \relative c' {R1 r2 g'8 f8 e8 d8 c1 } }

fluteInotes = 
{       \relative c' {
\new CueVoice { \set instrumentCueName = "Bsn." }
\cueDuring #"bassoon" #DOWN {R1} 
e'4 f4 g4 a4 

fluteIInotes = 
{       \relative c' {
\new CueVoice { \set instrumentCueName = "Bsn." }
\cueDuring #"bassoon" #DOWN 
c'4 d4 e4 f4 

\addQuote "bassoon" {\bassoonnotes}

\new Staff{

\new Staff{

\new Staff{

\new StaffGroup
\new Staff = "Staff_flutes"
\set Staff.instrumentName = \markup{ "Flutes" } 
<< \killCues \partcombine \fluteInotes \fluteIInotes >>

\new Staff = "Staff_bassoons"
\set Staff.instrumentName = \markup{ "Bassoon" }

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