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Re: Unusual cross-staff stem in Bartók

From: Arle Lommel
Subject: Re: Unusual cross-staff stem in Bartók
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 09:01:26 -0500

Írta Kieren:

> p.s. Maybe this helps?

That did indeed help. It got me 90% of the way there. When I actually applied 
it in the piece I’m setting, I found that the length of the overridden stem was 
pushing the other staff away. It didn’t do this in the example you made, so I’m 
not sure what was interfering (maybe something with multiple voices going on). 
But I found that if I tweaked the other beamed notes with something like \once 
\override Beam.positions = #'(7 . 8), that allowed me to close the small gap by 
brute-forcing the stems and beam where I wanted them.

Thanks very, very much.


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