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Re: Unusual cross-staff stem in Bartók

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Unusual cross-staff stem in Bartók
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 17:01:22 +0100
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Arle Lommel <address@hidden> writes:

>> Hope that helps more!
>> Kieren.
> Thanks much. One of the challenging things for folks like me who dip
> in and out is keeping track of all the different ways that things can
> be done and how all the elements interact. But that is inherent to
> this: Music notation is orders of magnitude more complex than printed
> text.
> There is a continual learning curve, but I keep coming back to
> Lilypond because of all the things I *can’t* reliably do in other
> software. It’s great stuff!

The more things interact unnecessarily, the harder it becomes doing
things reliably.  The more we manage to get LilyPond to behave to naive
expectations, the more useable power the average user has at their

So we should not try overexercising the "music is complex, so LilyPond
can be expected to behave in unexpected ways" excuse more than
necessary.  I don't have enough of an overview of the problem discussed
here to figure out whether this is the case here.

David Kastrup

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