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Re: fetaBraces

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: fetaBraces
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 17:55:35 +0100
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Le mardi 14 mars 2023 à 06:54 -0600, Abraham Lee a écrit :
> I hear you there. Any custom music font I'm aware of has a matching brace 
> font. So, my guess is that they are choosing Emmentaler deliberately, though 
> I suppose it's possible that someone just might not be aware that they need 
> to select the brace font explicitly.
> It's not difficult to mix and match fonts for groups of symbols (like clefs 
> or noteheads) within the same document, though, I'd expect the number of 
> users doing this to be far fewer than those using a single custom font for 
> everything. The mechanism isn't that obvious to someone who hasn't dabbled in 
> some Scheme.
> For example, if one wanted to register multiple fonts, here's what I've done 
> that worked very well for me when I was wildly into it (don't shame me, I'm 
> no Scheme expert lol):
> %<----------------------------------------------------
> #(define-public (add-notation-font fontnode name music-str brace-str factor)  
>   (begin  
>     (add-music-fonts fontnode  
>       name music-str brace-str  
>       feta-design-size-mapping factor)  
>     fontnode))  
> \paper {  
>   #(define notation-fonts  
>     (list  
>       (list 'capriccio "capriccio" "emmentaler")  
>       (list 'emmentaler "emmentaler" "emmentaler")  
>       (list 'gonville "gonville" "gonville")  
>       (list 'lilyjazz "lilyjazz" "lilyjazz")  
>       (list 'mtf-arnold "mtf-arnold" "mtf-arnold")  
>       (list 'mtf-beethoven "mtf-beethoven" "mtf-beethoven")  
>       (list 'mtf-cadence "mtf-cadence" "mtf-cadence")  
>       (list 'mtf-gutenberg "mtf-gutenberg1939" "mtf-gutenberg1939")  
>       (list 'mtf-haydn "mtf-haydn" "mtf-haydn")  
>       (list 'mtf-improviso "mtf-improviso" "mtf-improviso")  
>       (list 'mtf-ross "mtf-ross" "mtf-ross")  
>       (list 'mtf-scorlatti "mtf-scorlatti" "mtf-scorlatti")  
>     ))  
>   #(begin  
>     (for-each  
>       (lambda (tup)  
>         (add-notation-font fonts  
>           (car tup) ; font identifier  
>           (cadr tup) ; notation font  
>           (caddr tup) ; brace font  
>           (/ staff-height pt 20)))  
>       notation-fonts))  
> }
> %<----------------------------------------------------
> Then, whenever the user wanted to change the font of a specific grob (like 
> Notehead), then all they'd need to do is use (for example)
> \override Notehead.font-family = #'gonville
> which, of course, can be done at the Score level or spontaneously mid-Score.

Well, the way I currently envision the new font system, it would break that 
Scheme code, but also make it trivial to achieve the same thing without Scheme 

Unifying `feta` and `fetaBraces` would therefore still allow selecting a 
different music font for your SystemStartBraces. What it would not directly 
allow is *also* changing the font that is used for `\markup \left-brace` and 
`\markup \right-brace`. Probably not a big problem.

I'm not yet 100% sure that it will actually simplify things to unify feta and 
fetaBraces, but if it does, I think I'll submit it.

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