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Re: fetaBraces

From: Luca Fascione
Subject: Re: fetaBraces
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 15:46:46 +0100

This discussion makes me wonder whether something similar to LaTeX's
virtual fonts system wouldn't be useful here.
A virtual font is effectively a lookup table that says "for code point X
pick up font Y code point Z" enough times.

This way it's possible it'd be enough for the vast majority of use cases to
just have one text font and one notation font,
and then folks needing to make themselves a font using "these" clefs and
"those" braces and "suchNsuch" noteheads can
just make themselves a virtual font and switch to that as their "one"
notation font, no?

I mean, aside from demonstrating typographical capabilities, is there an
honest use case for a flurry of different fonts continuously jumping here
and there in a single score?


Luca Fascione

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