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Re: Issue with deep-copy/map-some-music a tuplet

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Issue with deep-copy/map-some-music a tuplet
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 18:44:32 +0100
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Le 25/12/2022 à 18:40, Paolo Prete a écrit :
What error are you referring to, exactly? In case of my last snippet, which produces a tuplet of three skips, it compiles fine with previous versions.

For me,

\version "2.24.0"

\tuplet 3/2 { s s s }

gives (in 2.24.0)

Interpreting music...

warning: omitting tuplet bracket with neither left nor right bound

(OK, not a programming error but a warning, I misremembered).

    > I understand that a tuplet of skips doesn't make sense in a
    score, but I believe it makes sense in a function.
    > I have some functions in my library that can obtain these
    tuplets as the result of some processing and this causes troubles
    for me. Therefore I wonder how I can get rid of the previous error.

    Frankly, unless you are really after 2.25 features, which aren’t
    that numerous at this early point in its development cycle, I
    would just use 2.24 and wait for this bug to be fixed in 2.25.

Of course I'll wait for the fix, there's no need for me to have my library compatible with 2.25.0. However, one thing is not clear to me. The tracked issue ( ) talks about improving a failure message for a weird tuplet, but I ask: should a tuplet of skips raise an error or warning?

Well no. The title could be edited.

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