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Writing complex piano scores with Spontini

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Writing complex piano scores with Spontini
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 04:05:47 +0200


as I said a few days ago, I prepared a first example on how to use the
Spontini editor to create very complex scores for piano, which combine
cross-staff and polyphony.
Other examples will follow, more and more complex.
The bars are taken from a prelude of Debussy ("Danseuses de Delphes"):

As can be seen, the procedure for obtaining this result consists

1) In the automatically formatted and tabular insertion of cross-staff notes
2) In adding polyphonic voices, using the same cross-staff functions
provided by the editor
3) In the final ** fast ** tuning with the mouse (without therefore the
trial-and-error process) of the various grobs, which obviously cannot be
positioned automatically by Lilypond given the graphic complexity of these

It is pure utopia / dogmatism to believe that Lilypond can solve the
positioning of the grobs on this type of score through algorithms.
And these scores are MANY and MANY.
This is not a Lilypond problem: it is simply impossible even for the most
advanced software on earth. In fact, this example also shows how great is
what is done automatically and natively by Lilypond (because the collision
avoidance mechanism works great).

In any case, I believe that without the help of these tabular functions,
without the *many* workarounds added in the easy-cross-staff functions and
without the graphic tuning with the mouse (jsTweak), writing this type of
score takes such a long time that the task is practically impossible.



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