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Re: macOS 64-bit

From: James
Subject: Re: macOS 64-bit
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 21:07:40 +0100
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On 17/05/2019 20:37, Daniel Johnson wrote:
Here is my summary of what has been discussed regarding MacOS builds over the last couple months. I feel like we are largely rehashing the same questions/answers.


For the record, I have successfully built 64-bit Lilypond on a Homebrew base. In addition to adding a few contributed taps, I had to manually download, build and install the following:
- TeX Gyre font
- Flex 2.5.37
- Extractpdfmark
- Lilypond itself

I did not attempt to build documentation.

Then you did not need  Extractpdfmark and/or TexGyre.

They are only required for doc/website building and is why they are not 'required' packages.

Regards and keep up the good work.


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