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Re: [PATCH] Removal of obsolete AmigaOS support

From: Scott James Remnant
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Removal of obsolete AmigaOS support
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 21:25:39 +0100

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 20:33, Marcus Comstedt wrote:

> As a step in implementing support for the new AmigaOS 4.0 in GCC, I
> noticed that there are some ancient remains of "amigaos" support in
> the libtool configuration scripts.  These are intended for the now
> defunct GeekGadgets project though, and not applicable to the new
> AmigaOS.  In fact, they prevent libtool from working with AmigaOS
> 4.0.  Therefore, I'm hereby submitting a patch to remove this obsolete
> and incompatible code.
How defunct is the project?  Is there still a significant userbase that
might want to run things compiled using libtool, or is it so dead and
defunct that nobody uses it anymore?

If it's the former, libtool support certainly shouldn't be removed yet

Does the GCC stuff use the amigaos* configuration name as well?  If not,
I don't see how it's incompatible, if it does then surely an extra case
statement would distinguish the two?

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