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Re: [PATCH] Removal of obsolete AmigaOS support

From: Marcus Comstedt
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Removal of obsolete AmigaOS support
Date: 05 Oct 2003 22:45:38 +0200
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Scott James Remnant <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 20:33, Marcus Comstedt wrote:
> > As a step in implementing support for the new AmigaOS 4.0 in GCC, I
> > noticed that there are some ancient remains of "amigaos" support in
> > the libtool configuration scripts.  These are intended for the now
> > defunct GeekGadgets project though, and not applicable to the new
> > AmigaOS.  In fact, they prevent libtool from working with AmigaOS
> > 4.0.  Therefore, I'm hereby submitting a patch to remove this obsolete
> > and incompatible code.
> > 
> How defunct is the project?  Is there still a significant userbase that
> might want to run things compiled using libtool, or is it so dead and
> defunct that nobody uses it anymore?

The project has not been maintained for two years, with the exception
of the GCC port.  When I spoke to the current maintainer of the
GeekGadgets GCC port (Gunther Nikl <address@hidden>), he had this to

| Right, but then I already disabled this part in ltconfig because it didn't
| work for me and I believe this *ixlibrary is obsolete. Nobody is using it
| anymore.

So, I think that it can be assumed that there is no point in keeping
this code.

> Does the GCC stuff use the amigaos* configuration name as well?  If not,
> I don't see how it's incompatible, if it does then surely an extra case
> statement would distinguish the two?

Well, they can be distinguished by the CPU architecture, since the new
OS is currently PPC only, and the old stuff is for m68k.

  // Marcus

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