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Open voting platform for the 2020 election - volunteers needed

From: Chris Franklin
Subject: Open voting platform for the 2020 election - volunteers needed
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 01:33:44 +0200 (CEST)

   Hi everyone,

   I am an independent candidate for President in 2020 and appreciate the
   opportunity to join this list.

   Needed: One or more teams who can self-organize to develop an
   open-source voting app/platform by early October.

   This platform would be open-source and made available to be voluntarily
   used by voters during the 2020 election as a check on the official
   election results.  It will be unbiased, neutral, and available to all
   candidates.  More info is available here:

   The primary purpose: Having true information will help to quell
   potential unrest or rioting by the losing side if there is any
   perception of tampering or rigging in the election.

   While I understand that app security is a widely-debated topic when it
   comes to voting, we will also implement a method of using the app that
   can ensure security.

   The platform will include online voting/access as well as development
   of iOS and Android apps.

   Time is obviously short, and the project will be challenging to
   complete, promote, and distribute in time.  However, I believe this to
   be a necessary step in our democratic process *this year* that can be
   executed in time by the right team.

   Regardless of the outcome, your efforts will not be wasted, as any
   progress can be put to good use beyond the election (outside of
   politics) and/or in later election years.  For 7+ years, I have put
   enormous time and effort into planning a comprehensive platform that
   will address the many problems we face — this project is an abbreviated
   part of that, and there is cause for great optimism.

   I'll leave it there for now.  Thank you in advance for your interest.

   Chris Franklin

   ByThePeople2020 | A Presidential Campaign for Democracy
   PO Box 372 Unicoi TN 37692
   FEC ID C00743997




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