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Re: Open voting platform for the 2020 election - volunteers needed

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Open voting platform for the 2020 election - volunteers needed
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 12:10:15 -0300
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Note: Chris Franklin, I don't know if you are subscribed to this list,
but if you are, forgive me for duplicate emails. Also, in the next
message please tell us whether you are subscribed.

Em 19/07/2020 20:33, Chris Franklin via libreplanet-discuss escreveu:
>    Needed: One or more teams who can self-organize to develop an
>    open-source voting app/platform by early October.

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to discuss this
subject and, while I feel that it's an important subject, being
practically possible by "open source" proponents, it's democratically
dangerous according to the political/philosophical/social movement of
free/libre software, of which this mailing list is part of — while
welcoming any input from "open source" supporters.

As an abstract to [1], assuming a supposedly free/libre as in freedom
software voting system, how one trusts others (voters, fiscals, guards,
candidates) knowing that anyone would have the right to use, study,
adapt/change the software, reuse the adaptation, share/sell copies of
the original, and share/sell copies of the adaptation, all of this at
any time before, during and after the process?

The detailed arguments against using computers for registering votes can
be seen in [1]. As for counting the votes using computers, I can't
recall the reference now, but I remember that the ex-president of FSF,
Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) once gave a speech/talk suggesting that,
while the registry must be through non-electronic means, voting can be
aided by computers only if there is a second check made by humans.

An addendum comes from the fact that duress/coercion can interfere in
the moment of the voter registering per vote, thus resulting in a
non-reversible action whose effects will endure for at least a year.

I know a member of LibrePlanet Brasil ([2]), nicknamed Lunovox
Heavenfinder ([3]) , who is trying to formulate some points that need to
be changed, at least in Brazil's election law, in order for a
computer-aided voting system to have *a chance/possibility* to work and,
one of these points that I have heard from per is a proposal to allow
the citizen to change his vote at any time and have that reflect
periodically shorter than a year (not just in some fixed set of election
dates that only happen once a year or with longer periods). However,
since this proposal involves big changes to the recommendations already
thoroughly studied by the community back in 2011, besides the language
barrier, and due to other immediate issues I have to solve before I can
help, we couldn't come up with a final write up of the proposal to send
to FSF, GNU and this LibrePlanet group.

# References

[1]: .
[2]: .
[3]: .

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