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[Libreboot] Operating System for Asus C201

From: Mike
Subject: [Libreboot] Operating System for Asus C201
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2016 14:23:18 +0100
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I recently purchased an Asus C201 and have flashed libreboot to it. I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved in the libreboot development and in particular to Paul Kocialkowski, your work is very much appreciated.

I am now at the stage of installing an operating system on to the laptop and have a few questions that I would very much appreciate some help with before I begin:

1) There was talk approximately six months ago about porting some libre-linux distributions to this laptop.  I have searched online about this but not found any updated information.  Does anyone know if any progress has been made in this area please?

2) In the absence of any libre-linux distros I intend to install Debian and have been familiarising myself with the online guide for the C201.

I understand that this involves copying/reusing the original chrome OS kernel that came with the device or compiling a chromium OS kernel from source.  Is there any risk that either of these kernels contain any of Google’s privacy invading/tracking software?

3) I suspect that it is preferable to build the chromium OS kernel from source.  I have seen a suggestion that it would be sensible to remove the binary blobs from the source before compiling .  Could anyone please provide guidance on what to remove and how to remove it?

Kind regards,


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