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Re: [Libreboot] Operating System for Asus C201

From: Xavi Drudis Ferran
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Operating System for Asus C201
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 19:29:00 +0200
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El Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 06:32:11PM +0200, Robin Vobruba deia:
> as i understand, (one of) the main things to do is writing and
> maintaining a linux-libre deblob script for the chromium kernel
> sources, as these sources are quite different form the main-kernel
> sources, for which such scripts exist.
> a thread on the trisquel forum is here:
> relating to one comment on the forum, it might make sense to donate an
> asus C201 to the trisquel devs (or maybe the linux-libre script
> maintainers), in the case that money is something you have a lot of.

I haven't looked and may miss many things, but wouldn't it be easier
to just use linux-libre proper and maybe uboot or grub or some other
bootloader that does not require Chrome specific kernels ? I read there
that depthcharge requires a chrome kernel, and it might make sense 
with what Google tries to do there, but if you're changing coreboot 
for libreboot, ChromeOS for Debian, and want a 100% free kernel, 
you could change libreboot payload and load a linux-libre. Or maybe 
modify depthcharge. Or do you require some functionality in depthcharge ?
(like signature verification or so?).

Apparently some functionally would be missing (they say wifi requires
blobs "and other things") but maybe it can be worked around (minifree
sells wifi USB adapters that work with 100% FS, I believe ?). 

I don't have the firmware and have never used coreboot/libreboot on ARM,
so don't trust me too much on this. It just looked simpler to me, 
maybe because I ignore some obvious problem. 

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