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[Libreboot] wrong coreboot image for X60s

From: Robert Alessi
Subject: [Libreboot] wrong coreboot image for X60s
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 12:11:41 +0100
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Hi Francis,

I just tried to update Libreboot to the latest release, but I didn't

I am currently using the 20141015 release.

After I modified the "x60_usqwerty_vesafb.rom" image according to my
own requirements, I experienced the following:
- found no "builddeps-flashrom" script in the main directory of this
  release (libreboot_bin/), and noticed that binaries already exist
  for my platform in flashrom/i686/
  → So I did nothing at this step.
- then I did this:
  ./flash work/x60_usqwerty_vesafb-mk2.rom
  (which points to my modified ROM image)
- and got this back:
  1. the content of the "flash" script (not the binary) is printed in
  the terminal from line 25 to bottom, which is expected, from "set
  -v", I guess.
  2. then this:
  echo $path
  flashrom v0.9.7-r1858 on Linux 3.14.29-gnu-1-lts (i686)
  flashrom is free software, get the source code at

  Calibrating delay loop... OK.
  coreboot table found at 0xbf6bd000.
  Active config mode, unknown reg 0x20 ID: ea.
  Please send the output of "flashrom -V -p internal" to 
  address@hidden with W836xx: your board name: flashrom -V
  as the subject to help us finish support for your Super I/O. Thanks.
  Found chipset "Intel ICH7M". Enabling flash write... OK.
  Found Macronix flash chip "MX25L1605D/MX25L1608D/MX25L1673E" (2048
  kB, SPI) mapped at physical address 0xffe00000.
  This coreboot image (LENOVO:ThinkPad X60) does not appear to
  be correct for the detected mainboard (Lenovo:ThinkPad X60 / X60s /
  Aborting. You can override this with -p

Does this come from the case difference between "LENOVO" (in the
coreboot image) and "Lenovo" (the detected maniboard)?

What did I miss?  I have my own flashrom that I got from the Parabola
repository, but I didn't dare to use it instead of the one which is
included in this Libreboot release.

Many thanks in anticipation for your help.


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