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Re: [Libreboot] Booting Windows on x60

From: The Gluglug
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Booting Windows on x60
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:23:35 +0000
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Ask about Windows on the coreboot mailing list:

Libreboot does not help the user install proprietary software.

The coreboot wiki (see x60 page) documents the limitations and some
info that is relevant to you.

On 30/10/14 09:06, hede wrote:
> Hi List,
> first of all: Is booting Windows XP known broken or working with 
> Libreboot? 
> (
> I tried it and I didn't get it.
> In case it should work, I'll try to explain what I've done so far:
> I installed libreboot on my x60, with success. I can boot Linux 
> from embedded grub payload (some debian and arch favours).
> Then I added SeaBIOS (the binary and grub entry) and SeaVGABIOS 
> which starts grub from disk. Although text mode is nailed to the 
> top left corner with native graphics, this would be fine. But no 
> system boots this way, neither Linux nor Windows. It seems that at 
> the moment it tries to switch resolution (kms) it stops working. 
> The screen freezes with it's current content.
> Then I extracted the proprietary vgabios and added it to the
> flash. That's all. Libreboot is still loading grub in native
> graphics mode as payload while grub loads SeaBIOS and SeaBIOS
> switches to the low resolution text mode (init vgabios?) and then
> loading grub from disk. This time filling the whole screen in text
> mode. Booting Linux from SeaBIOS is fine this way.
> Then I tried starting some old Windows XP, which I need for some 
> old legacy closed source app (in very rare conditions). I can 
> choose between normal and safe mode. Boot animation seems to be 
> fine (Windows logo in normal mode or printing loading libs in safe 
> mode). But whichever I choose, it stops when changing screen 
> resolution. Neither in normal mode (intel gpu driver?) nor in safe 
> mode (vesa?) Windows can boot. The mouse pointer appears on a
> black screen (with typical "safe mode"-warnings in safe mode),
> that's it. It stops booting, without any error message nor blue
> screen.
> Is this the expected behaviour?
> The coreboot wiki says that booting Windows 7 is broken right now, 
> with ending in a blue screen. But I do not see that blue screen!?
> regards hede
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