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Re: [Libreboot] Booting Windows on x60

From: Garreau\, Alexandre
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Booting Windows on x60
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:15:57 +0100
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Le 30/10/2014 à 12h32, hede a écrit :
> Am Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:23:35 +0000 schrieb The Gluglug <address@hidden>:
>> Libreboot does not help the user install proprietary software.
> Right. Okay. That's totally fine. :-)
> But why providing SeaBIOS then?
> Isn't it needless/redundant/superfluous for booting free software?

Because SeaBIOS is not only required to boot Windows, but more generally
to chainload anything. Chainload an USB key for example. Yet GRUB can’t
parse syslinux config correctly and not all free software is resumed by
what GRUB support specifically.

>> Ask about Windows on the coreboot mailing list:
>> address@hidden
> Thanks for your hint. I will do so. 
> Sorry for asking at the wrong place.

Is SeaBIOS developped by coreboot people? Because I think actually the
problem comes from SeaBIOS.

The fact is that this issue is interesting me too: I need a working
SeaBIOS in order to being able to boot LiveUSB keys when syslinux is not
well enough supported and manually booting kernels doesn’t work out of
the box. Currently I’ve the same problem with SeaBIOS freezing the
computer. And without BIOS I can’t chainload anything…

I was planning to wait SeaBIOS get stable enough, and then put it at
main payload and configure it to directly load GRUB as a second payload
without offering any option to boot USB or anything. This way computer
would stay secure with a password-protected GRUB and this GRUB would be
able to boot USB even chainloading, so I’d have all the boot options
within only one menu: the GRUB one.

I think a such system could be interesting as libreboot default
(although not everybody is technically able to manually boot kernels on

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