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Fwd: Re: The Next Steps

From: Hans Zwakenberg
Subject: Fwd: Re: The Next Steps
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 08:52:01 +0100 (CET)

Indeed, at the time I was working on Windows, more specifically, to test different Windows based compilers.  (PellesC, Tiny-C, GCC)
I've never built a Windows installer, but I do remember that I used Tiny-C to create all 64-bit binaries for the compiler and the tools.  I have to dig through old external hard disks to try to find these.  After I switched pc's, little of those days has survived…

As to my recommendations:
Note that I did some work on a definition file to offer Eiffel code formatting for Notepad++.  It is somewhere in the distribution.  The plan at the time was to write some macros to be able to invoke the compiler from within Notepad++. This would constitute a simple IDE with some functions for an edit-compile-test cycle  (and hence would lower the threshold for new Eiffel programmers).


Raphael Mack <> hat am 12.12.2021 13:35 geschrieben:

Hans was using windows if I am not mistaken - can you recommend something or comment on the proposals?

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