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Re: The Next Steps

From: Krishna
Subject: Re: The Next Steps
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 21:42:03 +0530

On Sun, 12 Dec 2021 at 13:47, Raphael Mack <> wrote:
> Am 11. Dezember 2021 17:01:51 MEZ schrieb Krishna <>:
> >
> >Sorry, what's ET? Quick search of the past mails in this list didn't turn
> >up anything.
> ET is a set of scripts to run the test suite on 'each' commit. The results 
> are shown on

nice! - perhaps useful to disable -boost so that we can quickly
inspect tracebacks on failures?

what is the state of the SE GC? Is BDW required for a stable runtime?
If so would it make sense to bundle it with the sources as a 3rdparty

> >If no one steps up, I'll take a crack at it. I'm more interested in
> >packaging for pkgsrc as I can then target 3 of my platforms.
> Pachaging is also a challenge. We have integrated Debian packaging in ET but 
> it has the mentioned issues. For other platforms we can integrate it easily 
> if we are able to build them on the Linux machine. - Someone started to work 
> (or think) about crosscompiling for Windows but it never was properly setup.
> On the other side it might also be fine to package only releases manually or 
> add a new VM with whaterver system - which would even allow to run the 
> testsuite on another OS, if someone volunteers for administering it.

EPM[0] is a package manager wrapper that can generate packages for
multiple platforms (including debian) from a single description. I'll
give it a try next week.


The art of progress is to preserve order amid change
and to preserve change amid order.
  - A.N Whitehead

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