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Re: The Next Steps

From: Raphael Mack
Subject: Re: The Next Steps
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 21:04:01 +0100
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Am Sonntag, dem 12.12.2021 um 21:42 +0530 schrieb Krishna:
> > ET is a set of scripts to run the test suite on 'each' commit. The
> > results are shown on
> nice! - perhaps useful to disable -boost so that we can quickly
> inspect tracebacks on failures?

ET is basically running eiffeltest for the testsuite in
<LibertyRoot>/test and that means most tests are executed in MANY
different modes (if not listed in the eiffeltest/excluded.lst file).
That's why it runs also several days...

On, you might want to follow some links in the
output to also see the expected (log.ref) and actual ( output,
but you can also run eiffeltest in one of the subdirectories on your
machine to see what's going on.

In case you are interested the ET scripts are located in

But yes, we have some cases in the test suite that are a bit awkward as
they fail in boost mode and not in modes with contract checking :-(

> what is the state of the SE GC? Is BDW required for a stable runtime?
> If so would it make sense to bundle it with the sources as a 3rdparty
> dependency?

And this is potentially related. The SE GC caused (probably?) such
trouble, which led to the integration of BDW GC but also there we also
have some fails. e.g.
clearly shows, that test_agent12 fails with bdw, segc and no_gc. Ok,
maybe we can also conclude that this specific issue is not related to
the GC at all...

Some test results are even not reproducible consistently.

When I was more active I worked a lot on the target of a passing test
suite and had really many easy catches but some hard nuts are left
which likely involve hard details in the generated C code (and maybe
some simple ones, but I think they seem well hidden).

> EPM[0] is a package manager wrapper that can generate packages for
> multiple platforms (including debian) from a single description. I'll
> give it a try next week.
> [0]

looks great and would be cool to build a small shell script in work and
integrate as a substage in check.php instead/after line 228: if
(substage("debian packaging")) {...

I can install epm v4.2 easily on the VM running ET.


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